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Abby's Story


Abby's Fairytales officially launched on January 1, 2024, but the journey started all the way back in 2020. I'd just started telling my niece, Abby, regular stories that I made up just for her, and after telling a particularly good one - which is now lost to the ether - I decided to record them.

Since then, I learned that a lot of parents are nervous about telling stories to their kids because they feel like their stories, and their storytelling, need to be perfect, but that isn't true. Stories are about engaging with your child and creating, if only for a moment, an unbreakable connection with a whole new world that just the two of you share.

Thank you for joining me; I look forward to the journey!

All the best,


Abby's Fairytale Podcast is dedicated to sharing the magical stories of Abby, her sister, cousins, and friends as they embark on exciting adventures, meet new friends, and defeat witches. Our vision is to create a platform where listeners can immerse themselves in these enchanting tales and be transported to a world of wonder and imagination as they learn to tell their own stories.


Join us on this journey and discover the magic of Abby's Fairytales!

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The best of Abby's Fairytales are adapted from audio form into picture books for children to enjoy on their own. The stories range from magical lands filled with unicorns and fairies to outer space with aliens and explorers. I adapt all of the books myself, but I don't tell all of the stories. More information about available books and recurring characters is available on Abby's Books page.


Now Available

Mermaid Abby and the Sea Witch by Cassie Fletcher


The Babies Lost by Abby

Princess Abby and the Frog by Cassie Fletcher

Coming Soon​

Abby and the Unicorn by Cassie Fletcher

Have you ever wanted to tell your own story, but you don't know where to start? Abby's Fairytale Workbooks are a kid-friendly way to learn how to write and tell your own original stories. Using Abby's Fairytale Picture Books as examples, these workbooks use fun puzzles and games to help children build their own Hero, face an evil Villain, and come out victorious in the end.

Seven books are currently planned with each book utilizing one of Christopher Booker's Seven Basic Plots.

Coming Soon

Overcoming the Monster

Rags to Riches

The Quest

Voyage and Return




Meet the Hosts


Host and Storyteller

A profile picture of Cassie; dark blonde hair and brown-hazel eyes

Cassie is the Host and primary Storyteller for Abby's Fairytales. With an MFA in Creative Writing, an MA in Mass Communications, and a PhD-in-progress in Narrative Communications, creating a storytelling podcast was probably written in the stars, but it still surprised her.


Cassie manages all of the recording, editing, and other podcast maintenance herself, so please be understanding: she's an English Major.


Trope Namer and Child Contributor

cartoon-style profile picture of Abby - a 6 year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes

Abby is the trope namer for Abby's Fairytales and the original listener to Cassie's stories (at least in her generation). Abby began contributing her own stories to the fairytale collection in May of 2023, and her story, The Babies Lost, was adapted to a picture book as part of the Abby's Fairytale Books canon.


Despite having one publication under her belt, Abby is still very new to storytelling, so please be kind as you listen to her tales.


Abby's Sister and Child Contributor

A cartoon-style profile picture of Zoe - a 4 year old girl with blonde pigtails and blue eyes

Zoe is Abby's sister and a recent contributor to Abby's Fairytales. Zoe likes to tell stories about mermaids and witches, and more often than not, someone is turned into a slug. Zoe has a special voice that she uses only for telling stories, which is quite adorable.

Like Abby, Zoe is still learning to tell stories, and she often tells different versions of the same story. Please be patient as Zoe practices her way to becoming a storytelling champ.

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